Dodge Energy Service Plan

Do you ever wish your HVAC repair costs could be more convenient and affordable? Now they can be! Dodge Energy is pleased to provide a comprehensive service package to add predictability to your HVAC maintenance routine. When you enroll, not only is your tune-up included, but also any repairs and service that you may need throughout the year.

Customers who enroll will benefit from improved efficiency, lower fuel bills, comprehensive HVAC service, a no-charge annual tune-up, and total peace of mind when it comes to equipment maintenance costs.

You’ll know what to budget for your HVAC service for the entire year—no estimates required! Say goodbye to scary maintenance costs and hello to one low, predictable invoice that covers your system completely for the entire year.

Our HVAC Service Plan Includes:

  • Complete system replacement
  • All-inclusive service and maintenance for total peace of mind
  • Annual heating system tune-up

Contact Us to Enroll

Service Plan Terms and Conditions

  1. To be eligible for Dodge Energy’s service plan, you must purchase your yearly fuel supply from Dodge Energy and be an automatic delivery customer.
  2. The plan goes into effect once inspection is approved and will be automatically renewed with payment due 30 days from billing unless either party provides in writing a desire to cancel contract. All contracts are for one year and are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  3. Dodge Energy will not be responsible for system damage due to frozen pipes, flooded basement, loss of electricity, power surges, switches being in off position, fires, other acts of God, lack of fuel, customer’s not being on automatic delivery, when thermostats are turned below room temperature, or when account is in delinquent status.
  4. Replacement or installation of antifreeze is not covered under this plan.
  5. Digital and programmable thermostats are not covered by this plan.
  6. Any parts that require replacement due to antifreeze corrosion are not covered under this plan.
  7. Plumbing and electrical wiring that is not part of the heating system, humidifiers, A/C, chimney maintenance, or duct work is not covered.
  8. Damages caused by generators are not covered.
  9. All replacement parts will be of like kind and quality and subject to availability.
  10. No other piping or radiation or labor to install is covered by this plan. Replacement of existing radiation is not covered.
  11. Alarm equipment attached to heating system is not covered under this plan.
  12. We are not responsible for removal of, nor are we required to handle, any asbestos or equipment containing asbestos.
  13. Upgrades to the system are not covered under these plans.
  14. Plans are not transferable with the sale of home.
  15. Landlords are able to purchase a plan if they require tenants to purchase their propane from Dodge Energy.
  16. Code updates are not covered under these plans.
  17. Non-emergency service calls will not be covered after normal working hours (see EMERGENCY SERVICE section for details).
  18. We are responsible for actual repair, replacement, or maintenance of the energy system itself, at our discretion.
  19. This plan is intended to cover your energy system itself under normal usage.
  20. Any unauthorized work performed on equipment other than by our own technicians voids this contract plan.
  21. To qualify, a gas check must be performed by one of our technicians and must be installed to Maine State Code.
  22. This plan does not cover system flushes or replacement of parts due to poor water quality.
  23. This plan does not cover leaks in gas piping.
  24. This plan does not cover blocked vent pipes due to snow, critters, or other natural causes.

EMERGENCY SERVICE is defined as follows:

  1. No heat during a time in which heat is required for safe occupancy of the home.
  2. Failure of parts covered under this plan that cause the heating unit to shut down on safety.
  3. Anything affecting the safety of occupants living in the house.
  4. Lack of hot water.
  5. Or at the discretion of a Dodge Energy employee. All other non-emergency calls will be completed during normal business hours. Dodge Energy will come out for a non-emergency call after normal business hours but reserves the right to charge the customer if considered a non-emergency call. Dodge Energy will attempt to contact customers with this plan to schedule annual service; however, it is the customer’s responsibility to see that the service is scheduled.